• Missing Knit Night

I have been all consumed with moving this past couple of weeks and now that the dust has settled I realize what I missed the most: knit night!


There is nothing better on a Friday night than packing up my latest project (or five) and heading out to knit night. I leave the little one behind for some daddy-daughter time and take a few hours to just be with friends and knitting. If you haven’t been to an Urban Yarns knit night yet, come and give it a try. There are certainly regulars but I promise we won’t bite, new faces really are welcome!

It’s always great to chat, complain, and of course: discuss the knitting! I can always run a knitterly idea by the group and get at least 10 answers to my issue or conundrum. I always request many opinions on colour choices and occasionally for some technique selections as well. Someone will always have an answer to any knitting problem  I may have. It really runs the gamut from a knitters anonymous to a ladies tea.

One Response to “Missing Knit Night”

  1. Kynna says:

    no knit night tomorrow :( closing at 5 for remembrance day stat!