• December 16th: Tosh Sock is Here!

That’s right folks, if you love a semi-solid sock you are in for a real treat, we’ve got Tosh Sock! In case the exclamation points don’t give it away, I’m pretty excited. I am big Tosh fan (the colours are unparalleled) and I am particularly enthused about the new hot pink, Poprocks. Anina will be casting on for a Taygete Shawl in the colourways Jade and Plaid Blanket. 2 skeins and a pattern would look great under the tree…

Taygete by Romi Hill

Taygete by Romi Hill

One Response to “December 16th: Tosh Sock is Here!”

  1. TrishKnits says:

    Yippee! Proof that good things come to those who wait. Thank you!