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It’s resolution time again and here are a few suggestions for new years knitterly goals:

First up: Organize/knit the stash. I usually want to decrease the stash (or at least avoid increasing it) so the new year is a perfect time to recommit to old projects. There are many ways to accomplish this goal, some more serious than others.

1. Knitting one old project for every new project. Depending on how extensive your stash is this can be a great way to get it down while still enjoying fresh and exciting projects.

2. Only knit from the shash: this is a great goal for January but lets be real, you will probably need new yarn just to use up your old yarn and who can resist the allure of the fresh new project for a fresh new year?

3. Knit 2 balls of stash yarn for every new ball of yarn. I tried this one last year and while I did end up with a bit of debt (I owe myself knitting a few balls) I did manage keep myself under control.

4. Organize first and make a plan. I find a plan helps me keep on track and stay productive.

Another great way to start the new year is by looking through your patterns. Scope out your Ravelry queue or your binder of patterns (what? not everyone has these things?!) and come on in to UY to look through books and binders for inspirations. Is there something you have been planning to knit for ages and haven’t gotten around to? It’s time!

I’m personally plotting a project number for 2012. Not only do I want to complete more projects but I also want to remember to put them on Ravelry and take good photos. I find gift knitting is the most difficult in this respect because I tend to finish them at the last minute and miss my photo opportunity (winter and it’s lack of daylight thwarted me several times this year). I can’t decide what a good project number is for me. I want to use other knitters productivity as a guideline but it’s important to pick someone with a normal pace (KT, you are out you crazy girl!).

Knit Along! How about doing a knit along this year? If you haven’t joined us yet it’s a lot of fun and we are starting our Tiny Owl Knits KAL tomorrow so cast on!

Happy New Year from everyone at Urban Yarns!!!!!

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  1. kt says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about! ;) And here I thought that 2011 was a slow year for me compared to 2010. Happy New Year, Urban Yarns!