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I’m always on the lookout for a great baby blanket pattern. It seems as though there are lots of beautiful hand-knit baby blankets in the world, but hardly anyone is bothering to write down the pattern! There is a certain combination of stitches that I find irresistible in a baby blanket, garter and lace. Baby blankets need to have that certain squishy-ness that some garter stitch gives them but a little lace makes for a pretty and delicate item, perfect for baby.


Michael has just put out a gorgeous new pattern, the Hap Baby blanket. It has everything I’m looking for and it’s knit in a nice chunky yarn. There are many a pattern out there calling for a fingering weight in a blanket but that seems slightly insane. Am I saying I would NEVER knit such a thing? Of course not! It just doesn’t call to me as much as an aran weight or bulkier. One skein of Cascade Eco Wool will do the trick!


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  1. Sandra says:

    already in line for a baby (bought patteren 1st day) but what do you think of a few more repeats for a bed throw?

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