• Valentines around the Corner!

There seem to be two different camps on Valentines day. There are those cynical individuals (sometimes, but not always, single) who can’t understand why people would celebrate such a hallmark holiday, and there are those who are all to excited to show everyone they know how much they adore them. Do you fit under the ‘hearts all around’ camp or the Valentines equivalent of a bah humbug?


If you are feeling festive and want to show it with knitwear, there are many many options. A quick Ravelry search for ‘heart’ turns up over 11,000 matches! I’ve knit these crazy couple’s mittens for a February 14th past, but I think a lovely pair of subtly heart themed fair isle mittens might fit the bill this year.


Freja by Emmy Petersson is a free pattern from the ever popular Knitty. These lovely mittens take just 175 yards of each colour in a fingering weight yarn (sock weight/28 stitches per 4 inches) and 2.5mm needles.

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