• Zealana Event


We have many interesting fibers at Urban Yarns, from Bison and Cashmere to Silk and Mohair, the list is really rather endless. One of the most unusual is the Possum fibers from Zealana Yarns.


There is something a little different about possum, the halo it has when it’s knit up is dark and the yarn, while seaming rather ordinary in the ball, comes to life once it’s been knit up. People are always asking what fabulous yarn our pink sample is knit up in and once they feel they ball there is an inevitable ‘really?’. The yarn softens up, the halo comes through, and it blooms as well. Like I said, a little different!

If you are dying to know more about this interesting yarn join us this Thursday for a yarn tasting and guest speaker Jimad Kahn, from New Zealand. There will be a slideshow and a QnA as well as wine and cheese to enjoy. This event is free of charge. Hope to see you there!

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