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Normally I’m a wool girl. Alpaca blends? A little cashmere? Some fuzzy angora? Sure! It’s not a rule set in stone but mostly I stick to an old classic: wool. I thought I was pretty clear with myself on this issue, I rarely feel compelled to go with a cotton, and even more rarely an acrylic. Lately though I find myself eyeballing all the new spring yarns with thoughts of light spring/summer knits.


My first foray into other forays this season is a little garment I’ve certainly made before, Elizabeth Zimmerman’s February Baby Sweater. I made one before Hunter was born in a bright yellow wool but this time I decided to go with a cotton linen blend in a lovely neutral shade. It came out super cute and looking like an heirloom right off the needles.


The yarn is Creative Linen from Rowan and while it’s not the softest to work with it does have the wonderful quality of linen that means it gets better with wash and wear. It will be nice to have a breezy version of this sweater for those cooler summer evenings! Because this pattern is a Zimmerman (a paragraph of writing somehow turns into a sweater, I’m always doubtful but it always works) I’ll give you the specks:

4.5mm needles

1 skein makes a short sleeved version (if you want it any longer or with long sleeves you will need 2 skeins)

Size: came out about a 6-9 month size

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