• Levenwick

There is a lovely new combination lurking in the shop: Brooklyn Tweed’s Levenwick and New England Highland’s Harrisville yarns. Anina succumbed to this combo, in spite of a few projects waiting in the wings for some attention. The Harrisville, to me, is a real knitter’s yarns. It seems scratchy at first but it has the wonderful lightness of a wooly wool. You can feel the air that is trapped among the sheepy fibers, ready to keep you toasty warm for many winters.


Michael went crazy for the Harrisville when it when it first came through the doors, whipping up a hat right quick. It’s so nice to be able to feel the yarn after it’s first wash. The yarn softens and plumps with a little wetting and drying. The great thing about such a knitter’s wool is the softening it gets with washing and wear, making it seem like an heirloom right off the needles.

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