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Most projects for me are about the journey. It’s about watching stitch by stitch, loop by loop, as a pattern or fabric begins to form and create a new and glorious garment. This was not that project. This project was about results! The journey wasn’t great but I just can’t argue with the amazing results. I have a warm, cozy, hug around the neck that both looks and feels amazing. I didn’t always feel this way about this cowl though…..


It started out pretty well. My Big Herringbone Cowl had all the makings of a great new piece of knitwear to add to my wardrobe. I used one of my favorite indulgences, Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Hand-dyes, and the pattern is from one of my favorite websites for fashionable patterns, The Purlbee. I started the cowl on my first camping trip of the season last summer and vacation knitting always makes me happy. What could go wrong?


Well, the stitch looks amazing, but it’s a bit of a pain. Hard to rip back (something I tend to do a lot of) and there is a tricky little bit when you change rounds. Nothing I couldn’t conquer but not the most fun. The other problem I had didn’t appear until I was finished. The cowl came out too small. When doubled around the neck my finished cowl felt like it was trying to cover my whole head, instead of just keeping my neck warm. I had to put the cowl in a time out for a bit and concentrate on something else. When I finally pulled it out of it’s hiding place last week I brought it to the ladies at UY and asked for their advice. Should I rip it out and start over? Should I rip it out and re-purpose the yarn for something else? No, they answered confidently. It’s alpaca, it’ll grow, just give it a block and see what happens.

So I did. That’s all it needed. Just a little water and Soak and I have an amazing new cowl that I absolutely love! The journey was worth it, try one for yourself!

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