• 4 Ways to Take Better Photos of Your Knitting

There are a lot of knitting photos out there, both of yarn and projects and as an amateur photographer I thought I would share some tips on improving your knitting shots. Since we knitters put so much time and effort into our knitwear we should show it off in it’s best possible light!

1. Natural Light: I know this can be tough in the long winter months but now that the sun is staying out later, there is no excuse for poor lighting and the odd colours poor lighting can produce. Place your knitting near a window or right outside for the best possible light. Direct sunlight should be avoided (your knitting will look washed out). Some shade is just perfect!
2. Remember your subject: This may not apply to all your photos but if you wish to take the best photos of your knitting then make your knitting the star! Take close ups of pretty details to share with all of your Ravelry friends.
3. This is more of a personal note but baby knits look kinda creepy when photographed on dolls. Just saying.
4. Don’t forget to take photos of your knitting before you gift it. There is nothing worse than gifting a beautiful garment and having nothing to brag about. (also giftees are not always reliable photo takers).

3 Responses to “4 Ways to Take Better Photos of Your Knitting”

  1. Sara says:

    OK – Message received from 3 & 4! But I just gotta say, I did this on purpose to BE creepy! (Devil hat and devil child …) My son, 21, and his friends were SO creeped out by this doll, that they make me move her out of the living room when they come over!


  2. Heidi says:

    Wholeheartedly agree with Rule #4

  3. Alexa says:

    Being hilarious is an exception to the rule definitely!