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Some of you may know my lovely design partner, Emily Wessel. Emily once counted herself amongst the crew at Urban Yarns, helping knitters choose their yarn and patterns, teaching, and designing. That’s where our paths first crossed many (actually just a few) years ago. Since then she has moved twice and but has now settled in Edinburgh Scotland. This hasn’t stopped our designing duo and Emily still has her passion for lace!

Emily is launching a new pattern collection in September 2012, Handmade in the UK. This collection will feature 9 lace patterns including garments, accessories, and (my fave) shawls! All patterns will be available individually and as a compilation. If you want to keep up with her progress, and the progress we are making on our newest joint project, you can check out our blog here.

We are currently running a very exciting contest as well! If you like the designs we create, perhaps you would like to work WITH us, on a collaborative design project; starting with the sketch and the yarn (you pick the colour) and progressing through the stages of development to a finished piece of lace!

What do I WIN?

  • Enough lace yarn to complete a lace shawl or similar piece
  • Dyed into a colour chosen by you by our master dyer Alexa Ludeman of Gourmet Crafter yarn!
  • Emily will get a skein of the same yarn, and we’ll work together to create a unique new design.  How will it work?
    1. Before we get the yarn dyed, we’ll talk about colour and what you want to achieve; what shape, what size, what kind of a lace pattern, etc.
    2. Then you will choose the colour, and when the yarn arrives we can start making swatches with the stitch patterns that you’re interested in using for the shawl.
    3. Once you’ve chosen a stitch pattern or two that work well, I will help you to combine them, and make charts for your pattern!We’ll both knit the shawl, and I will write up the pattern.
    4. In the end, if we think the finished design is lovely enough, we can decide together what to do with it; we could make it available as a free download, or sell it with the proceeds going to a charity of your choice.

Does this sound interesting?  When you sign up for our email updates you can enter in the draw!

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  1. Jessica says:

    Wow! This is such a great idea!