• Website Revamped!


Jan and Amanda have been busting their butts for the last….well let’s just say website revamps are a process and they have been working hard! Our new website is up and running for all the online shoppers out there! While I am lucky enough to have UY close at hand there are those who have to wait until they go on vacation to get here. No need to wait, just fire up your desktop or pop open the laptop and there you are.

Having an easy to navigate website is also perfect for the late night Ravelry surfer. The one who has picked a project but needs to know if we have the yarn they are looking for (we probably do) RIGHT NOW. I know this feeling. It’s almost as good as casting on. We are adding new inventory to the site regularly so check back regularly.

Check out our new website here and enjoy our free shipping promo on orders over $100 in Canada and the US.

One Response to “Website Revamped!”

  1. Bonny says:

    Oh WOW! The new website is gorgeous! Oh this is fantastic! Now I can check out what’s in store before jumping on the ferry.

    Congratulations and a HUGE Thank you to Amanda and Jan.