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New Knitty is up! What is Knitty you ask? Really?!

Knitty is a great free online magazine full of patterns and some great features and articles. This issue has some fabulous Zauberball socks and a new shawl pattern from Emily Wessel, the Estuary Shawl.


The socks are made with a construction I’ve never seen before, which is saying a lot since there are so very many sock constructions! The Longitudinal Socks are made from side to side, utilizing the rainbow-stripe fabulousness that is Zauberball sock yarn!


Estuary Shawl: “An estuary is a fertile place, a junction between riverine and ocean habitats, where the mixing of fresh and salt water creates a gradated ecosystem which nurtures thousands of species”. Doesn’t that intro say it all? A pretty shawl that draws from the beautiful land/water form of it’s namesake.

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