• Must Haves

Every once in a while I come across a must have. This is an item that my wardrobe (and probably my mum’s wardrobe and cousin’s wardrobe, and my friend’s wardrobe….) just can’t do without. This knit is just such an item: the shawl collar cowl.


For those of you who have seen my designs, I’m a big fan of the shawl collar. It has a vintage yet modern flare that is kind of hipster-ish without being totally obnoxious. It looks good, it makes an item versatile, it’s just a good thing! This cowl combines everything I love about the shawl collar but combines it with the wonder of the cowl. Oh the speed of knitting, the instant gratification! Cast on a Shawl Collar cowl in some soft and sumptuous Techno from Blue Sky!

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