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Well I hate to be a tease but the following patterns are coming shortly! Emily and I (aka Tin Can Knits) have been slaving away and we put together a Christmas collection for your knitting pleasure.


Great White North isĀ  a collection of giftie knits for this holiday season. As usual we have sized all our patterns from Grandson to Grandpa with knits for all. There are mittens, fingerless gloves, a scarf and cowl, shawl or blanket, and hats of course! If you are feeling particularly ambitious (or maybe you need something to wear to the company Christmas party?) there is Snowflake, a gorgeous sweater with a pretty lace yoke.


This year I am so looking forward to more knitting for my wee ones. There is something awesomely satisfying in whipping up a pair of mittens in the time it takes to watch one movie. A cowl in even less time. It’s just such productive knitting! Hunter was reluctant to wear mittens (even when mummy begged her to pose for a photo) until that one day last week when it really turned cold. Hunter turned to me during a rather icy walk with red hands and said ‘mitten?’. It sounded more like ‘meetee’ but luckily I knew what she meant. This season there will be mittens for a newborn, a cowl for a sexy man, a shawl for aunty, and slouchy hats for a couple of teens. There is something for everyone on your list! Patterns will be available individually at Urban Yarns coming soon!

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  1. Deanna says:

    Love them all! I have to make the snowflake sweater!