• For the avid knitter

It’s Christmas time! Hoorah! I choose this year to embrace the chaos and while I originally had zero holiday knitting to be done I find myself on December 2nd with plans to knit 8 hats (4 are done, don’t look so concerned) a sweater for Jonesie (it’s just a Gramps, worsted, it’ll be done in no time), and maybe another baby sweater, and I’ve got a few designs in the works as usual. You know, just a bit of light Christmas knitting right? My own craziness aside here is something you will definitely want to add to your Christmas wish list:


It’s a swift. And better yet it’s a swift and ball winder. Even better than that? 10% off if you get both, and really what good is one without the other? These lovely tools help you take your skein or hank and turn it into a pretty little cake of yarn. You can pull from the inside or outside of this cake (I recommend the outside but there is much debate on the subject) and the best part is: you don’t need to drag a non-knitter into your scheme of winding a sweater’s worth of yarn while they stand in front of you with their arms held ‘just so’.


I, likeĀ  Michael, share a love of a large cowl. My fave free pattern of the day is the fluted cowl from the purlbee. Warm and cuddly, perfect for those icy nights!


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