• For the Beginner

One of my favorite types of knitter is the beginner. There is so much potential, so much enthusiasm, and so much to learn! There are different reasons people pick up the needles, just when I think I’ve heard them all there is something new. My personal faves are baby on the way (either mum herself of someone who will be knitting for the wee babe) and I need to do something with my hands so I don’t eat too much while I watch TV. The second one cracks me up.

So what do you get the new knitter for Christmas? Yarn, needles, and a pattern book. It’s a sure winner! I recommend some worsted weight yarn (just ask one of the lovely ladies or gent working, they will lead you in the right direction), some 5mm needles (to match the yarn) and a book that is dear to my own knitterly heart: Debbie Stoller’s Stitch and Bitch. It’s chalk full of clear explanations and makes a great reference for knitters new and old. Your new knitter will be whipping you up a scarf in no time!

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