• Soak it

Many years ago, after I had been knitting for a while, I came to work at Urban Yarns. It was then that I first heard of a phenomenon called blocking. I know, it seems crazy, but when I had really only worked in acrylic yarns or dishcloth cottons, blocking really wasn’t too important. Anyhow, I heard of blocking but I thought it seemed overly fussy and unnecessary.


I have never been more wrong! All of my knitting looks better after a block. The stitches are more even, the cables or lace really pop, it looks kind of like my knitting has been to the spa. It’s been rejuvenated, it shines, it’s had a lovely soak in the tub and is feeling fresh. A great stocking stuffer for your knitter is a bottle of soak. It’s the best smelling way to block your knitting. There’s no need to rinse it out so it’s easy peasy, just fill sink with water and a dollop of soak, and submerge your knitting. Lay flat to dry. Done.

If you are gifting some knitting this year you may want to toss a small bottle of soak in with your gifts, that will make it clear that they are hand wash only too! Soak also makes great hand and foot creams, perfect for gifting with mittens or socks. Come on in and smell them all!

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