• I’m in Love

You know that feeling when a project just comes together… When the yarn and pattern just merge perfectly? Yeah, I’ve got some of that going on right now.

I’d been itching to cast on for the Guernsey Wrap and was hemming and hawing about yarn choice. I had very nearly decided to use up some skins of Shelter that were hidden away in the back of my closet, when I had a moment of clarity: Harrisville Designs. You see, over winter we restocked and now have more than twenty jaw-dropping colours of the New England Highland.

Harrisville Designs New England Highland

See? Jaw-dropping. Don’t even try to tell me that there isn’t one colour there that makes you swoon. In fact, I knew as soon as I saw it that it had to be Woodsmoke. Nothing else would do. (I may have got a wee bit obsessed)


I decided to work it over slightly larger needles because this thing is going to get massive after blocking, and I figure the bigger and wrappier, the better in this case. And the best part is that it’s pretty mindless! Nothing but knits and purls and a consistent stitch count for miles.

Guernsey Wrap

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