• Hippity Hoppity

That’s right, Easter is on it’s way! Last year I knit up a bunch of little eggs with some pastel scraps and put them in a wee knitted nest, based on this pattern:

Sparrow's Nest from the Purlbee

They were a great hit, with stripes and patterns and beautiful solids. I used Blue Sky Alpacas Silk, which has a wonderful array of spring-y shades. It’s safe to hide them in lieu of chocolate if you have dogs around.

This year I am thinking about bunnies. I am thinking about a Peter Rabbit-esque bunny in particular. Maybe with a blue sweater…..and little shoes…..and a carrot….this is spiraling out of control already!  I grew up with those adorable little Beatrix Potter books, fearing Mr. McGregor’s garden and rooting for that rascal, Peter. I can’t wait to read them to Hunter and Jones too!

Baylin Bunny by Allison Cleaver

Once I finish a bunny for Hunter (who would probably much rather have chocolate, but will undoubtedly appreciate my efforts later in  life), it will have to be an Easter sweater for wee Jones. Perhaps a blue sweater….with brass buttons…..

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