• Torchere

I mainly find knitting inspiration from a pattern. It’s usually the lines, textures, cables, lace, construction, simplicity (the list is endless), that makes me pick up the needles, poke through the stash, and eventually get some new yarn and get knitting. While I love to create patterns myself, I DO knit from other designers and I so love to peruse the books, binders, and Ravelry of course, to gather some inspiration.

Every once in a while though I come across a color or yarn that is so fabulous I have to have it, pattern or no pattern! The color itself is the inspiration. This color in particular is CRAZY. It’s Torchere, a new color from Madelinetosh. When I first saw it at knit night I had to discuss it with others. They did not all agree that it was somehow charming and awesome at the same time. It was bright and flashy and will be hard to photograph, and I have been thinking about it ever since. That’s two weeks of Torchere obsession! I will be heading our to Urban Yarns for our KAL party next Friday (the 5th in case you forgot) and I will be coming home with some Torchere. Definitely.

Which brings me to my question: what colors inspire you? Are you a rainbow loving gal like Kynna? More of a subtle earthy palette? Perhaps you are smitten with Torchere as well?

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