• The More Things Change…

Here at Urban Yarns HQ, our go word is ‘change’, and this is reflected in our motto “always something new”.

Well, if you’ve been in the Point Grey store lately, you may have noticed some rearranging and furniture moving going on. Thanks for bearing with us, there’s more to come, and it will be good for ALL of us. Promise.

Our Comfy Couch has been moved into the back nook (our Cozy Comfy Couch?), and the main entrance has been opened up quite a bit, making it easier to find all the new goodies coming in.



Speaking of new goodies, Interweave Knits Summer 2013 and the new Noro magazine are both out!

My personal faves from Interweave (so far, subject to change):

Crosstrees Cardigan (and the only men’s pattern)

Admiral’s Knot Halter

Midsummer Aran

Nova Cardigan

And from Noro:

#10 Square and Stripe Tank

#11 Hourglass Top

One Response to “The More Things Change…”

  1. Meghan says:

    Love the Aran too!