• Knitty – a review

It’s that time again, the new Knitty is here! This edition has 1 pattern I am itching to cast on: Sugar Stick

Sugar Stick

Sugar Stick by Kristine Byrnes

Sugar Stick is a pattern to solve an age old problem: beautiful hand painted yarns. It’s a good problem to have, don’t get me wrong, but I know exactly what the designer is talking about. The allure of a hand painted yarn is something I’ve fallen prey to many times. The colors are so pretty together, the look of the knitted fabric so wild and beautiful. Sometimes the combinations in a hand painted yarn are just too much though. When they are on the needles they somehow turn into more of a soup than a stew and it’s just all wrong.

Sugar Stick is a pattern to subdue the craziness that hand painted yarns can become. You can pair something fun and wild with a subdued hand dye, perfect to show off your pretty kaleidoscope of colors. I like the idea of a nice neutral paired with a wild and bright color combo. Malabrigo has both types, wild and neutral. Something like this perhaps?:

Paired with something like this:

What color combo will you come up with?

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