• Knitting With Amanda

The funny thing about knitting is that it’s both seasonal and not. While people tend to think about knitting in the fall, when the weather starts to turn, it’s prudent to start thinking about your knitting in the summer. The problem? Who (other than me of course) wants to be knitting in the middle of summer when it’s 28 degrees!? Well I say, let practicality win over comfort, hole up somewhere cool and get your needles out.

If you haven’t had a change to knit with Amanda yet you really should. Her classes are wildly popular, with students returning with each project they cast on. Amanda is patient and kind of a knitting genius. While she has both beginner and beyond beginner classes coming up, you can also feel free to call the shop and set up a private lesson. Here are some great reasons to take a class with Amanda:

1. Beginner knitting: if you haven’t knit before, now’s the time! Amanda will start you off on your knitting journey right.

2. Your first sweater: while there are many options for beyond beginner, it’s highly recommended to do your very first sweater. There are lots of techniques to be learned and Amanda knows them all!

3. A pile of questions: if your pile of unfinished knitting is starting to add up it might be time to take stock. What point are you at and what are the questions you have. Once you have a list written up, set a time and bring them all in. It’s like spring cleaning but for knitting.

One Response to “Knitting With Amanda”

  1. Beverley says:

    28 degrees? It’s been closer to 40 here and I keep knitting.