• New Product: Juniper Moon

Rare is the day we get new products in the middle of Summer. It’s not that we don’t love showering you all with new wooly goodness, but come on, it’s hot. We basically work in a giant bowling alley insulated with hundreds (thousands?) of kilos of wool and other fantastic fibres.

Given the… stores sweltering summer state, I was a bit skeptical upon walking in the other day to discover a lovely looking little pile of Something New – naturally, I was immediately drawn to it. On closer inspection, I realized that it was…. Alpaca! Horror of summertime horrors (especially for a self-confessed, dyed in the wool, non-alpaca fan), why oh why did we have a new stash of alpaca in the middle of summer?

Juniper Moon Herriot

Well, it turns out we brought it in because it is just a little we bit fantastic. The yarn is by Juniper Moon, and so far we have three different options: Herriot (above), and Findley and Findley Dappled (both below).

Juniper Moon Findley

Juniper Moon Findley Dappled

Herriot is a 100% alpaca, 19st yarn in a lovely palette of neutrals. We also have the Herriot pattern book which has some gorgeous designs in it.

Herriot Book

The Findley and Findley dappled are both 50% alpaca, 50% silk laceweight (the dappled is the variegated version of the solid Findley), and the colours are just jaw-dropping – jewel tones for miles! (or least 800 yards). Silky, with a perfect sheen, and so far no tell-tale splitting or excessive shedding…. And I hear that they’ve got a really fantastic book coming out soon as well…

In the meantime, come check out the new Juniper Moon products. After all, can you really say no to this face?

Herriot Book

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