• A New Year of Knitting

If you are like me you often start your new year off with a bang. You are ready to start new projects, learn new skills, and maybe you are determined to knit up some stash yarn. Well it’s the 12th, I’ve already fizzled a bit on my resolutions. But there’s still a lot of year left so let’s talk new projects!


Is this the year you learn socks? If it is, I’ve got a yarn for you! Biscotte and Cie is a Canadian company and they make amazing self striping yarn. Even the simplest socks look amazing in the yarn, and the best part? You don’t have to do any of the color changes or weave in any ends, just whip up your first pair of socks. If socks feel daunting we have Q n A classes, Sock Bootcamps, or private lessons, all the support you need to finish up your first pair.

melon d'eau epice

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