• Knitter’s Advent, Day 23

If you’re still looking for holiday gifts for a knitter (or a non-knitter), well I hate to say it but, you’re cutting it a bit close. Unless you enjoy hitting the malls in the last two days before Christmas (speak for yourself, but I plan to avoid all shopping spaces until at least mid-January at this point).

So what would make a great last-minute gift? Well, while the tides certainly wait for no man, you can give your knitter the gift of time. Personally, I always prefer to gift experiences rather than things, so I have become quite adept at drawing up gift certificates and other cute redeemables (see an in-process one below).


Some ideas for giving the gift of time:

  • Take the children/pets somewhere for a few hours for quiet knitting time
  • Do dinner/dishes/cleanup one evening (and maybe make a nice cocktail while you’re at it)
  • Take your knitter out for a coffee/drink – bring yourself a book or crossword puzzle while they knit
  • Let your knitter pick the TV show/movie for a few nights (we all have media that we prefer knitting to)

Get creative – I’m sure you can think of chores that your giftee hates, or other ways to give them a bit of breathing room and time to just… knit (and hey, more knitting time, means more knitted gifts for you next year!)

Julia will close out our advent ideas tomorrow, but this is it for me this year. I’ll be back with you all in 2015. Happy and safe holidays!

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