• Knitter’s Advent, Day 9

You’ve worked hard knitting some great items over the years, and I bet those garments and accessories have worked hard for you as well. Obviously some yarn and some projects are more susceptible to wear and pilling than others, but they could all do with a little gleening.

Gleening? Yes, gleening. I introduce to you, The Gleener! (can you tell I just love that word?)


This is super handy tool. Like super duper handy. On one end there are three different ‘blades’ for large bulky pills, medium-to-large pills, and fine, delicate pills. On the other end, a lint brush. Do yourself and your knits a favour with this device and keep your finished items looking good as new. (no link, sorry, but it is in store, and you could certainly order it for shipping if you emailed or called in)

And as for the pattern of the day, while I was hiding out from the crowds that turned out to our book launch (thank you all, it was fantastic), I found Anina’s sample Aranami shawl. I had forgotten about this, but I just adore everything about the pattern.


That photo is actually Alison’s, not Anina’s, but gosh they always look soooo good. I’d suggest the Harrisville Designs New England Shetland, because it is one of my favourite yarns to work with.


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