• Designing a sweater: Part 4

Since my last post a few weeks ago, things have been pretty busy. Some knitting, sure, but a lot of finishing grad school, so bear with me if this post is littered with mistakes…

After swatching, the next step is knitting! For this particular sweater, I decided to work the body to the underarms, and then the arms, before joining for the yoke. Now, I know that body-first can be risky, and if energy fails, the project is liable to turn into a vest. In this case, however, I hadn’t actually designed the sleeve motifs yet, so body it was!


And since all my swatching had gone according to plan, it was a breeze! I could just follow along from my charts. You can even make out the waves, some trees, foothills clad in fog, and soaring mountains!

Body done, I moved onto the first sleeve.


Not bad, eh? I really like how the geometric pattern came together. Let’s even have one more shot of that.


So good! I plowed on through most of the second sleeve.

But then.

Disaster struck.


I messed up the colouwork. On the second sleeve, I transitioned colours too early, and now the sleeves don’t match. And to be completely honest, the sweater has been in time-out in the knitting bag ever since (this was a few weeks ago). With school ramping up, and other things going on, I just couldn’t stomach ripping out a whole bunch of colourwork.

I’ll come back to it soon, once I can have some breathing room from it.

Naturally, I cast on something else to keep busy with in the meantime.


This is Neon Beast, by Veera Välimäki (one of my knitting icons), in Madelinetosh Tosh Sock. And yes, it is just zooming along. Nothing like garter stitch to fall in love with knitting again.

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