• Mission Falls

We received a couple of boxes of 1824 wool today. It’s an aran weight merino superwash wool with a gorgeous colour palette. We have tons of colours in stock. This yarn is called 1824 wool because the gauge is 18 stitches, 24 rows. It’s perfect for many different types of projects.

We also stock the 1824 cotton. This is a machine washable cotton with a fantastic colour range. The Mission Falls wool and cotton are interchangeable as they both have the same gauge.

There are some fantastic Mission Falls pattern books to inspire you. We have most of these books. Just Kidding is one of our favourites:

There are designs for ages 4 to 12. There’s a basic easy-to-knit pullover pattern with some different neck and motif options. Also some cute designs for hats, scarves, mittens and backpacks.

Anina knit this sweater from Just Kidding, with 1824 wool, for her handsome dude, Luc:

Love the style, love the colours, love the sweater.

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