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It’s always fun when a big bunch of boxes arrive.

Two of these boxes were stuffed full of Noro, one of our favourites. We received tons of Silk Garden, plus some Cash Iroha, Cashmere Island, Iro, Kochoron, Kureyon and Silk Garden Lite.

We’re knitting some Silk Garden hats for Christmas. Last year I knit a few of these:

One ball of Silk Garden is all you’ll need. We have a free store pattern.

Or try Christa Giles’ popular design:

You’ll need part of a second ball to knit this one.

Kathleen recently knit a gorgeous Booga Bag out of Noro Kureyon. It’s an easy, quick knit. Another perfect Christmas present.

And one of our customers walked away yesterday with 20 balls of Silk Garden for the Lizard Ridge Blanket. It will be stunning. Please send us a photo!

I pulled a few balls from the boxes and started a Silk Garden scarf:

It’s Jared’s pattern. I’m using 2 balls of each of colours 252 and 268 on 4.5mm needles. Cast on 39 stitches, 1×1 ribbing throughout, working two-row stripes. Slip (purlwise) the first and last stitch on the second row of every stripe for nice, straight edges. Thanks Jared!

There’s never a dull moment when knitting with Noro. The intriguing colour combinations are absolutely captivating. At least they are to me. My handsome groom doesn’t seem to be quite so intrigued, no matter how hard I try to get a spark of interest from him.

We also received loads of Garnstudio Eskimo, a popular felting yarn. Check out the beautiful patterns for hats, bags, scarves, mitts, slippers, sweaters and many more. We have over 20 colours in stock.

Happy Knitting on this rainy November weekend!

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