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Put a little magic in your knitting with a Be Sweet Magic Ball. Aren’t they pretty?

Magic Balls are a unique mix of different yarns with assorted colours and textures. Each ball is 50g and 120 yards, knitting 12 stitches to 10cm on 8mm needles. One ball will make a stunning scarf and 3 or 4 balls will make a gorgeous multi-coloured and textured shawl:

Start with 3 stitches at the bottom of the shawl then increase by one stitch at the beginning and end of each row until your yarn is used up. Fringe or no fringe, it’s your choice.

Have a look at these patterns for a Baby Hat, Magic Scarf and Tea Cozy all knit with one Magic Ball. Kathleen recently knit a lovely scarf with one Magic Ball. Just cast on about 100 stitches lengthwise on 12mm needles, then knit a few long rows until the yarn is all used up.

Check out the lower price on these little beauties, they’ve dropped by more than 10%. We’re reducing our prices wherever possible due to the stronger Canadian dollar.

Be Sweet is involved with job creation programs in South Africa that bring economic stability to the local communities, raising standards of living and bringing hope for a better future. Meet some of the ladies that help to create this beautiful yarn right here.

We also have the Be Sweet Needle Dude tees in the charcoal, short-sleeve style.

Wouldn’t it be a great Christmas present for your favourite dude?

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