• Kids Knitting

It’s so much fun to teach kids a new craft. We taught our daughters’ grade 4 class to knit a couple of years ago:

When given the choice between computer lab and knitting, these kids all chose to continue knitting! That was music to our ears. They sat out in the schoolyard, happily knitting and chatting:

The boys loved it just as much as the girls.

Get your kids or grandkids knitting over the holidays. The Klutz Knitting Kit is a perfect place to start:

It comes complete with everything you need to get started knitting, including the yarn, needles, a sewing needle and an instruction book that’s well-written and clearly illustrated. Learn to knit a skinny scarf, a cozy hat, a sunglasses case or a cell phone sock. It would be a great Christmas gift and it’s an easy-to-wrap package.

We also have a good selection of kids’ knitting and crochet books with excellent instructions and lots of fun, easy patterns that are perfect for beginners.

Grab a Klutz Kit and find yourself a new little knitting buddy!

2 Responses to “Kids Knitting”

  1. Life Info Zone says:

    Nice Post!!!Ya now-a-days kids r showing more interst towards knitting!!Becaz they njoy a lot isn’t.Nyways Thanks a lot buddy for sharing information.
    keep up the work.

  2. Rima says:

    I love the fact that boys were taught how to knit, and they enjoy it.