• Coriolis Socks

Learn how to knit the phenomenal Coriolis Socks from Cat Bordhi’s book, New Pathways for Sock Knitters:

This book has received a lot of buzz for it’s unique sock-knitting methods and designs. Cat Bordhi has created eight different sock ‘architectures’ with the arch expansion in different locations on the foot rather than the standard expansion on either side of the heel.

Each of the ‘architectures’ is introduced with a baby sock so you can learn the basic principles before moving on to the real deal. And there are several patterns for each architecture. One of the best features of the book is that the patterns allow you to create your own designs with any gauge of yarn, any foot size, top-down or toe-up, whichever you choose.

Our favourite design is the Coriolis, named after the Coriolis Effect. In this design, the expansion occurs in a spiral coriolis band that swirls around the foot.

We’ve just scheduled a new Coriolis Sock Class, starting on Wednesday evening, February 13, from 7 – 9 p.m. Learn how to knit a Coriolus Sock and discover how to perfectly customize your sock to your own measurements. This class will continue on subsequent Wednesday evenings for a total of four classes, with the talented Sivia Harding instructing. Check our class schedule or phone us for more information.

Jennifer knit these beautiful Coriolis Socks last Fall after taking Sivia’s class:

They’re knit with just one skein of Cascade 220. It’s a lovely subtle pattern, with calf-hugging ridges. And they’re a perfect fit. Nice work Jennifer! Thanks for sharing.

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