• Need Some New Needles?

We’ve just put a bunch of needles and hooks on sale at 40% off. There are some Addis, Clover, Crystal Palace and Lantern Moon (yes, the lovely rosewood and ebony ones…) among others. We’re overrun with needles right now so we have to say adieu to at least a few of them… If you happen to need some rosewood dp’s, sizes 4.5m, 5m or 5.5m, for example, you’re in luck:

We’ve also culled our leaflet patterns. We’ve put hundreds of leaflets on sale, some at half-price and others at $1. If you like felting, check out the Pick Up Sticks hat, bag and flower patterns. And have a look at the Blue Sky Alpacas designs, like the pleated skirt:

Or the One Cable Vest:

There are loads more patterns sitting in our sale bins. We sometimes get a little carried away with our orders, we have a hard time saying no to lovely new things. When our leaflet binders start to burst at the seams, we know it’s time to part with some of them.

Our bookshelves are also overflowing so we’ve added some magazines and books to our sale bins, most at 40% off. If you are a book junkie, now is the time to add to your collection.

Our special yarn today is Jaeger Aqua, on sale at 40% off. This is a lovely dk-weight mercerized cotton that’s machine washable.

Check out all of our specials right here. We’ve reduced the price of some of our current specials including Alessandra Gemma, Berroco Candy FX and Jewel FX, Italyarns Iris (30% cashmere!) and Plassard Symphonie. We’re just bursting with bargains for you this week…

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