• British Sheep Breeds Collection

Rowan has joined up with British farmers and Yorkshire mills to produce a new yarn for Fall 08. This yarn is shorn and blended from British sheep and spun into beautifully undyed yarn at mills in Yorkshire. The wool is hard wearing, with its natural lanolin intact, providing superb protection against our chilly Canadian winters.

The collection includes five undyed colours that come from different breeds of sheep, including Bluefaced Leicester, Jacob, Black Welsh and Suffolk.

There’s a fabulous accompanying book:

With twelve excellent designs by Marie Wallin.

Knitters Review published a glowing review of this yarn which you can read right here.

We join Clara Parkes in applauding Rowan… “for rediscovering its British roots and bringing public attention to the unique sheep breeds that still roam the British countryside… With each skein purchased, we’re not just getting a good yarn but we’re also helping support sheep farmers in the British hills and millworkers in Yorkshire. Their trades are built upon knowledge and skills that we can’t afford to lose.”

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