• New Noro

If you’re a Noro fan (and really, who isn’t?) you’re going to love the new Fall books.

There’s Noro Family by Jane Ellison:

This one features eighteen designs for men, women and children using several Noro yarns including the new Silk Garden Chunky and Silk Garden Sock.

Noro 24 is another great new Noro book:

What a stunning creation on the cover. This is another fantastic collection of designs using a number of different Noro yarns.

Last but not least is Catwalk:

With sixteen designs by Jenny Watson, taking inspiration from the fashion runways of the world. These designs utilize a great selection of Noro yarns including Kureyon, Silk Garden, Silk Garden Lite and more.

Wondering about our special this week? Better late than never… We’ve picked a book special for a change, it’s a fantastic resource book if you’re knitting for kids these days:

“Style Your Own Kids Knits” is full of inspiration for creating your own unique knits for kids. It begins with several basic patterns for different sweater styles including jackets, pullovers and vests. There are instructions for customizing your garment with collars, hoods, pockets and other options. Then flip through the pages of choices for borders and embellishments to further customize your project. And finally, check out the fabulous collection of cute motif patterns to truly personalize your kid’s sweater. There are animals, fish, pirates, ghosts, soccer balls and many, many more. I rate this book a ten out of ten and best of all, it’s 40% off the regular price!

And here’s some late-breaking news: Becky and Jess spent yesterday unpacking boxes and boxes of Fleece Artist that arrived this week. Most of it’s now hanging on our walls in both stores in splendid hand-dyed beauty. There are loads of great new colours and kits, stay tuned for more details….

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