• Cashmere Caps

We have some luxurious Handmaiden hat kits just waiting to be knit up for holiday gifts. This one arrived yesterday:

A classic Cashmere Beret, ooh la la. This is 8 ply cashmere, knit with 5mm needles. It’s available only in black and will arrive in Edgemont tomorrow.

We also have the Devin’s Toque kit:

A great unisex toque, knit with 4 ply cashmere on 3.5mm needles. Anina and I have both knit many of these, it’s a perfect present for almost anyone.

And here’s a third option, the Cashmere Cloche:

This one has a simple repeat pattern for added knitting interest. It’s also 4 ply cashmere and knit on 3.5mm needles.

Three luxurious gift ideas and still time to knit one (or more?) before Christmas…

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