• What Fun!

I was amazed to see twenty-three names on our new staff list. Unbelievable! Almost everyone showed up for our staff Christmas party and we all had a wonderful time.

Anina took some great photos. From one end of the table:

To the other:

Kathleen kept the margheritas flowing:

Our computer guy dropped by and joined the Secret Santa game:

His present was the best, good thing we had a two steal limit or it would have been passed around all night. That’s Nancy (far left) who’s been helping out in Point Grey on Sundays. An avid knitter and famous author, quite the combo.

It was nice to see some of our talented new staff having a giggle together:

Kalin (far right) is one of four members of a very cool craft collective, Bare Maked. Alexa (2nd right) and Venus (2nd left) are master craftsters with their own blogs. Astor (far left) isn’t new but she’s definitely talented. If you need help with your knitting, Astor’s happy to help at Knitting Q & A most Sunday mornings.

Last but not least is Ellen (center) who definitely looks her best in the BSA Kitty Hat:

And talk about talented, Jessica keeps our Edgemont store hopping by day then creates beautiful art at night…

Valerie’s an excellent knitter and all-round interesting gal who works in Edgemont a couple of days a week:

Ask about her bees sometime. Yes, bees. If you’re really nice to her you might receive some delicious home-made honey.

Christa was on a tight deadline with a pair of socks:

Hope you finished them in time…

And check out these gorgeous gals:

We’re super fortunate to have such a talented, fun, inspirational and energetic bunch of people working with us every day. Thanks to all of you for helping to make Urban Yarns such a special place!

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