• Fleece Artist

We opened several more boxes of Fleece Artist loveliness yesterday:

We’re absolutely overrun with hundreds of skeins of luscious hand-dyed wool:

First out of the box was Leba, a beautiful mix of 65% kid, 20% wool and 15% nylon. It’s a light dk weight with 425m to each 250g skein.

Next was Nyoni, a stunning combo of 65% wool, 20% kid, 10% nylon and 5% silk. This one’s a sock-weight yarn with a generous 750m to each 250g skein.

Then came Tara, a gorgeous and soft medley of 51% kid, 19% wool and 30% nylon. It’s lace-weight with a whopping 2000m per 250g skein.

We counted twenty-five different colourways, a beautiful collection of rich and vibrant shades.

Becky got it all organized with her energizer bunny-like efficiency. And today it will be hung up on our walls in stunning splendour. Yum.

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