• Yummy Noro

We have tons of Noro in both stores, lots of new colours and loads of options like Silk Garden, Kureyon, Kochoron, Iro, Blossom, Transitions, Yuzen and more.

There were some gorgeous photos of Silk Garden scarves and Calorimetries over at the Mason Dixon blog a couple of days ago. Definitely worth taking a look. We have loads of Silk Garden on our shelves (and bursting out of bins in the back). It’s fun to play with the many colour options.

If you haven’t done so already, check out our latest fave, Silk Garden Chunky, a quick knit on 6.5mm needles. And be sure to have a look at Noro Mini Knits by Jenny Watson:

A fantastic book with thirty designs for mini projects like hats, mitts and scarves. There’s a cute and cozy Kochoron cardi that’s high on my list:

After completing fourteen hats before Christmas and working on six that are still due (I resorted to wrapping yarn with a promise of a hat), I’m ready for something more substantial.

We also love the Iro Shrug:

And these cute gloves, knit with Silk Garden Lite:

One skein of SGL and a pair of 4mm needles is all you’ll need for these.

Just one little book and so many possibilities…

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