• Ana Paula’s Masterpiece

Ana Paula lives in Rio.  She occasionally travels to Vancouver and on a recent visit she discovered our Edgemont store.  We’ll let Ana Paula tell the story:

…in march of 2007  i was visiting vancouver…when i found your amazing store! all those yarns with amazing fibers, colors, the cool accessories…wow! so i had my first knitting class at the nort van store and, since then, i never stop! at this last summer i had classes with sivia harding and my “knitting mind”opened again with lace and beads!!! it was “love at the first site”!!!

kathleen is always helping me with my crazy shopping! (she’s the best!!!). even when i’m in brazil, she find a way to send me products!      (NB: Kathleen is our uber-friendly store manager who has developed a huge fan club with members all around the world!  She’s often heard chatting on the phone with one of her fans, helping to choose the perfect colour and project.)

So last summer Ana Paula chose some gorgeous Malabrigo Lace and tackled Sivia Harding’s Norwegian Woods shawl design.  She carefully followed Sivia’s instructions and eight months later, voila:




Back to Ana Paula:

thank’s to you i’ve finished the norwegian woods shawl from sivia!!! wow…took me 8 months…ops…but i’m so happy with the result! lace and beads are such a awesome combination and sivia’s patterns is beautiful….

i’ve attached some pics to show you my “master piece”!!!

our weather in rio it’s now like 35 celsius…(our condolences…?) so you can have an idea about how i “melted”during the pictures!!!

thank you very much for everything!

take care

ana paula

We love receiving happy notes with inspiring stories and photos of beautiful finished projects. Congratulations Ana Paula, your shawl is gorgeous!  We hope you’ll visit again this year.

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