• Bits and Bobs

An eclectic assortment of knitterly news today.

First up, meet the ladies who’ve spent years stitching their entire Kent Village.  They painstakingly knit reproductions of every single building in the village, raising more than 10,000 pounds for the Village Hall fund.  What an incredible project!

Next up is a brand new book by the latest member of the designer Royal Family, Jenny Watson.  She’s the creative genius behind  the fabulous bestsellers Noro Flowers and Noro Mini-Knits.  This is her latest:


With eighteen fantastic designs for women and girls.  Be sure to have a look…

Remember the scrumptuous Alchemy Juniper yarn we recently raved about?  Clara Parkes is also a fan.  Read her review right here.  Emily, one of our Point Grey staffers, knit an absolutely stunning lace scarf with some fuschia Juniper.  Wish I had a photo.  Trust me, it’s jawdroppingly beautiful. 

Julie in Victoria ordered a bunch of yarn last week and she’s already knit three hats with some Mission Falls 136 that’s part of her new stash:


On the left is “Lise”, by Kate Gilbert, in the middle is “Berry Hat” , a Ravelry pattern adaptation and on the right is “Emma”, from Louisa Harding’s ‘Knitting Little Luxuries’ book.  (For “Emma”, Julie changed the needle size to make a child’s toque.)  They’re all very cute, nice work Julie!

And we simply have to share the latest email from Melody in Ontario.  She’s become one of our many new best friends across the country.  When she received our recent news flash she wrote:

“An extra 10% off – you guys are killing me…  Please tell me that most of your Fleece Artist is sold out…..otherwise i may have to sell the husband’s boat to place another order. He is away after all, he wouldn’t know about it for another month. I may have to risk it. And no, it never really occurred to me that i am attempting to replace my husband with yarn, why do you ask?”


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