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Summer is kind of a great time for knitting baby things. They are small, portable, and satifying. What more could you ask for in a vacation project? Since I have all but abandoned 2 sweater projects I needed to get a sweater completely finished (for confidence you understand) so I cast on for a baby sweater. The pattern, however, was not entirely new to me. As you might know I knit myself a lovely February Lady sweater and the little yellow sweater I knit was just a littler version: the February Baby Sweater.

I’ve recently become rather smitten with Elizabeth Zimmerman so knitting up the February Baby Sweater from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitters Almanac just made sense. The sweater is super cute. It can be done in any weight, but the size will change accordingly. To make a slightly larger sweater I knit it up in an 18 stitch gauge. What did I choose for the job you might ask? Why SweetGeorgia Superwash Worsted of course! It worked so well on my Lady sized sweater I thought why not use it again for a little one?


I knit up this charming little sweater in no time. It was top down (which I love) and I even knit the sleaves in the round, as per Brooklyn Tweed’s instructions. It took only 4 skeins of SG Worsted and I knit it up on 5mm needles. The sweater is adorable (if I do say so myself) but the colour choice was a bit of a debate though. I was told shortly after completing the sweater that sometimes babies look a little jaundice when swathed in yellow. I’ve decided I don’t care but I thought I would let you all know this is a possibility.


Also, I would recommend thinking through your button placements ahead of time. I somehow ended up with 8 buttonholes. This is clearly too many but I did not think things through ahead of time. I started placing buttonholes and then nothing was lining up so I just had to keep doing them at regular intervals. This is not ideal.  Do a little math ahead of time or just put 3 buttons at the top, like the February Lady. 8 buttons, sheesh. The upside is that I found the cutest lemon drop buttons at Button Button that work perfectly with the sweater. Silver lining.

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