• New Spud and Chloe!


One of our favorite lines here at UY is Spud and Chloe. SnC is a sort of spin off of Blue Sky Alpacas, one of our other faves. It’s kind of a new kid on the block (they’ve been around about a year now) but already there are a ton of patterns and projects to choose from. At their blog here you can find all kinds of inspiration, free patterns, and even a fun knit along or two. Anina has joined in on a couple of these knit alongs. Basically they tell you which yarn you will need then they give you pattern instructions a step at a time so  you won’t know what you’re knitting until it’s done. A bit of knitting fun!


I really like that Spud and Chloe is a very practical yarn as well as coming in a really great colour pallette. It’s a washable yarn that comes in 3 different weights (sock, aran, and bulky) so it’s great for all kinds of projects, especially for children. I am always, as you may have figured out by now, a sucker for a rainbow. It’s not that I necessarily want to knit everything in rainbow format so much as I really like having a large rainbow pallette to choose from. A rainbow really draws the eye and it’s also perfect for knitting all things colourwork.


With the addition of some really pretty new colours SnC have inspired me to start on some Fine socks. I’m not sure which patter to start first though. I’m also a little smitten with the colour names, Anemone, Cricket, Daschund, so cute. Spud and Chloe has  3 patterns that would be perfect for a rainbow! Whenever I see that rainbow I want to knit one in every colour!


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