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Thursday, April 26th, 2012


When I saw the Big Snowy Owl on the Purlbee I had to have it. I debated between the bunny and the owl but the owl just spoke to me with his big adorable eyes. I picked out some colours in the Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky and away I went (I used Silver Mink for the main colour, and Frost, Polar Bear, and Grey Wolf as the contrast colours).


There is really nothing more adorable than a little baby and a giant stuffie.  When I was stuffing the owl Hunter had to hand me each little piece of polyf-fill so that part took forever but the actual owl knit up in a flash. When it was finished Hunter would drag the owl across the room, carry it in front of her (with no ability to see what’s ahead of her), and throw it with her Uncles.


The owl was so cute when Kynna saw it in the window at the shop she had to make one of her very own. She added some great mods too (I’m not jealous, really….). Her eyes are crocheted instead of knit but my very favorite parts are the wings! They are 1/2 granny squares crocheted in some pretty colours of Spud and Chloe Sweater. So CUTE!!


Duck Soup

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011


I’m not sure if it’s her amazing knitting or her amazing photography that draws me to everything Ann knits! I check out her blog and bam, I wanna put something new (and usually identical) on the needles. The latest knit from Ann is Duck Soup, an absolutely adorable baby sweater.


I’m not sure if I love the frog closure detail on this sweater the best or the little dangly on the hood. I think a spark of colour turns a knit from something cute to something extraordinary. The colours you choose make that knit personal to you and the person you make it for.


The hoodie is an excellent baby item too. I love dressing Hunter in a hoodie, it makes her look kind of elfish and it’s a good backup in case you forget to bring a hat. The warm weather can’t last long so it’s the perfect time of year to knit up a sweater that can be worn all fall and winter. Ann knit this little wonder out of Spud and Chloe sweater, a washable yarn that’s a combination of wool and cotton. The colour is my favorite too, Moonlight.

Crochet Love

Thursday, August 4th, 2011


While I don’t always feel the crochet love from the knitting community I definitely have it! Every so often I get really enthusiastic about crochet. I mean REALLY enthusiastic. I long to cast on many large projects and even while I am working a foundation chain I dream of the stunning finished product, looking grandmotherly and chic all at the same time. I would say that grandmotherly-ness is the number one complaint about crochet that I hear but I beg to differ. There is nothing better than taking something classic or retro and putting a great new and modern spin on it. Choose luxurious fibers or funky colour combinations and your work of art will definitely come out looking stylish.

At UY all the lovely ladies (OK at least most of the lovely ladies) myself included are working on the crocheted blanket to end all crocheted blankets: the pattern is the Seeing Stars Blanket from Spud and Chloe and we are knitting an extra large version to put on display. Kynna, Ann, and I had such fun diving through rainbow of Sweater to come up with all different colour combinations. That’s really the fun of knitting all those little squarish pieces, changing your colour combinations every 4 or 5 squares. The crochet isn’t too difficult and the end result is spectacular so pick up some Sweater and start a Stars blanket of your own!

Pigs Three Ways

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011


A novel but fantastic idea: a knitted toy in a bulky weight yarn! While the original pattern called for a worsted weight yarn (about 18 stitches per 4 inches) but ingeneous Amanda knit up these three adorable little (a relative term) pigs in Spud and Chloe Outer.


I quite like the idea of a bulky weight toy, it’s so quick and they look so very fantastic. I have balked at the idea of knitting toys in the past because of the tiny needles and yarn but no more! Worsted and Bulky weight toys are making a serge and I’m on board! They are bulky, true, but the pattern so nicely compliments the yarn because, well, pigs are a bit of a bulky animal. Especially the pigs that fly!


The pattern is Oink by Susan B Anderson. In case you haven’t heard of her, she is the lovely woman behind the Spud and Chloe designs. She designed the Spud and Chloe book as well, Spud and Chloe at the Farm, an adorable collection of knitted farm animals and accessories in all three yarns, Fine (sock), Sweater (worsted), and Outer (bulky)

New Spud and Chloe!

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

4 little words I love to hear! I’m particularly excited about the newest colours from Spud and Chloe: some neutrals! I’ve started referring to baby Hunter as the Johnny Cash of babies because I kind of love dressing her in black. I was in a mad dash around town yesterday because she out grew her black zip up hoodie, I finally found one but I realized I would really need to find a great knitted hoodie pattern so this wouldn’t happen again! It’s not so easy to find baby things in black…..can’t imagine why…..

With my search for black yarn underway (not that it’s hard to find black, but how great is it when you find the colour you want in a yarn you like?) I was so pleased to find Spud and Chloe Sweater in Penguin!


Sweater in Penguin

With neutrals on the brain I was also pretty psyched to find some great new greys and whites as well! Allow me to introduce

Sweater in Beluga

Sweater in Beluga

Outer in Snow Day

Outer in Snow Day

Fine in Hippo

Fine in Hippo

Fine in Sidewalk

Fine in Sidewalk

I’m not only excited to knit up these colours for my little one, I think it’s great to add some more subdued colours for those grown ups who are looking for some more understated colours in a great washable yarn.

Brooklyn Tweed KAL update: 48 rows of garter to go……hmmmmm


Tuesday, May 10th, 2011


I was just sitting on my couch the other day, minding my own business when Anina sends me an email with a link to the Spud and Chloe Blog. Now, as you may know, I have a real problem with startitis and a Clapotis shawl that is required to be finished for Friday (it’s coming along nicely by the way). Well I opened the email (mistake 1) to find a picture of a lovely little sampler blanket, called the Dreamcatcher. It has everything I love in a blanket, different stitches, many colours, and a pretty patchwork effect. I started knitting by making sampler blankets (I made them in strips rather than squares because it was easier to make mathematical mistakes that way) and I also made some Sampler Placemats I like the idea so much.

So here is the small amount of Spud and Chloe Sweater I have and I’m just deciding on which other colours I will add. They have put out some fabulous new colours since I picked these up and I’m thrilled to have an excuse to try some different ones too. Perhaps adding some Barn Red? Maybe some Moonlight or Grape Jelly? It’s not as though Hunter needs a new blanket and it’s not as though I need another project but the combination of inspiration and fun yarn is irresistible. I blame you Anina.

Buga Baby Bunting

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011


There’s no great surprise that the wonderful UY ladies knit up a storm for my baby girl! Even though her mother knit everything too big (I practically swaddled her in one of the sweaters I made the other day, determined she would wear it no matter what!) she is still surrounded by yarn and lovely knitwear at all times. It’s a good thing I know a few people who already have babies, so they have a better concept of size. 10 lbs is a lot smaller than it sounds. More than a few knit items kindly made it my way, but I thought I would start with the most size appropriate item: the Buga Baby Bunting


There seems to be some sort of debate as to whether or not babies like to be swaddled, the only conclusion I can draw is that it depends on the babe. My babe prefers the arms free approach, couldn’t even get her to put her arms in for a picture. She does, however, like to be warm. The cold weather up here on the mountain means baby must be well layered and the Buga Baby Bunting has been perfect for sleeping. Feel are easily accesible for a quick diaper change too. 4 skeins of Spud and Chloe outer will make this charming item and because it’s a thicker yarn it will knit up nice and quick. Thanks Anina!

The UY special this week is Berroco Suede,  50% off regular 9.95, on for 4.97. This is a unique yarn so check out the Berroco website for free patterns!

New Spud and Chloe!

Friday, January 7th, 2011


One of our favorite lines here at UY is Spud and Chloe. SnC is a sort of spin off of Blue Sky Alpacas, one of our other faves. It’s kind of a new kid on the block (they’ve been around about a year now) but already there are a ton of patterns and projects to choose from. At their blog here you can find all kinds of inspiration, free patterns, and even a fun knit along or two. Anina has joined in on a couple of these knit alongs. Basically they tell you which yarn you will need then they give you pattern instructions a step at a time so  you won’t know what you’re knitting until it’s done. A bit of knitting fun!


I really like that Spud and Chloe is a very practical yarn as well as coming in a really great colour pallette. It’s a washable yarn that comes in 3 different weights (sock, aran, and bulky) so it’s great for all kinds of projects, especially for children. I am always, as you may have figured out by now, a sucker for a rainbow. It’s not that I necessarily want to knit everything in rainbow format so much as I really like having a large rainbow pallette to choose from. A rainbow really draws the eye and it’s also perfect for knitting all things colourwork.


With the addition of some really pretty new colours SnC have inspired me to start on some Fine socks. I’m not sure which patter to start first though. I’m also a little smitten with the colour names, Anemone, Cricket, Daschund, so cute. Spud and Chloe has  3 patterns that would be perfect for a rainbow! Whenever I see that rainbow I want to knit one in every colour!


What’s New?

Friday, June 25th, 2010


I always love it when new things start coming into UY, getting ready for knitting season. While it’s only June for a little longer, September and cooler weather is only a few months away! That being said, we’ve had some great new colours and yarns piling into the shop.

First up are new colours in Spud and Chloe and Blue Sky Alpacas, as well as patterns to match. There are some new colours in all 3 weights, I was particularly smitten with a pretty plummy purple in Sweater, and a very nice green in the Outer. What to do with these new colours? Here are a couple of new patterns that have popped up in the shop:

The Uplander Pullover is a bulky men’s sweater, perfect for the rugged outdoorsman. It takes 11-15 skeins of SnC Outer and will knit up in a jiffy at that weight. If you’re in the mood for a smaller project there is always the Little Man Vest, 3 skeins of outer and oh so cute. For Sweater we’ve got the new Flower Power Throw pattern. It’s a beautiful groovy blanket and with all the colours, there is sure to be a combination for you.

If you’re in the mood for some luxurious alpaca, we have also received new colours in Blue Sky Alpaca Sport and Melange, one of my very favorite yarns. I’ll be starting on Olga’s Mittens tonight! As you may know, I have quite a penchant for Fair Isle mittens and these beauties fit the bill to a T.

Blue Sky has also come out with a couple of new patterns for their Brushed Suri. It’s a pretty fuzzy yarn that is super soft but I’ve been at a bit of a loss for what to do with the lovely yarn. Not to worry, there are 2 cute new patterns for the Brushed Suri, the lacy Brushed Suri Wrap and the Brushed Suri Tunic.


So stop by and check out the new Blue Sky and Spud and Chloe yarns as well as others that have been flowing into the shop!