• Be Sweet Hat


We recently received a lovely shipment of the ever popular Be Sweet! There was a time at the shop when it seemed like absolutely everyone was knitting up shawls with a Be Sweet Magic Ball. A Magic Ball is a combination of wools, mohairs, ribbons, beads, glittery synthetics, and about any other fiber you can think of. Knit into a simple garter stitch shawl or scarf it’s pretty amazing.


Be Sweet is an interesting company, they don’t just have interesting and unique yarns, they are built around the idea of environmental friendliness and they are committed to working with artisans in economically depressed regions. The don’t just have beautiful yarns, they are also trying to improve the lives of some South African women.

This sweet little hat was knit up by Anina (I think she is managing to knit things in negative amounts of time, she is just that fast!). The ball stripes on its own to fit with the pattern, no need to worry about changing colours, which is pretty neat. The yarn is made with organic cotton and bamboo so it’s nice and soft for little one’s head and not too warm for spring. Lot’s of colour combinations to choose from!


One Response to “Be Sweet Hat”

  1. Ashley says:

    Oh my….I am wishing I could make Stitch ‘n Bitch night tonight! Pretty!!! Don’t sell out before I get there!