• Modern Mittens


I know that pretty much everyone texts these days because my parents have been sending me text messages lately. This is a sure-fire sign that texting has crossed all age ranges and walks of life. (I would like to note that as of today the word ‘texting’ is not accepted by my spell checker but I am sure it will be soon…)



My brothers and I were discussing text messages a while ago and we agreed that although there are some instances in which it is important to talk on the phone, there are many advantages to the text message. The best part is that it is unobtrusive. People can get to their text messages when they have time and they can decide whether or not they wish to respond. It’s also good for those little quips that don’t really need a phone call. That being said, there really should be a mitten that allows you to conveniently keep in contact while keeping your hands toasty warm….. behold the Mobile Mittens!


Kynna knit these mittens up in Auracania Azapa and they have a couple of great features. First, they are lovely! An esthetically pleasing mitten is a good thing. They are also flip top mittens so they are more versatile than your classic mitten. And what makes them Mobile you might ask? The separate flip top thumb. This is what enables you to text while your hands remain encased in wooly goodness. The pattern is free on Ravelry here and any worsted weight yarn will do!


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