• Feeling Irish


There is something nice about hoisting a glass of green beer and being clad from head to toe in green once a year! St Patrick Day is coming up on Thursday and it’s got me feeling green in a good way. I like a low pressure holiday, just a trip to the bar and an attire requirement, no problem.


I am especially pleased with this holiday because I absolutely LOVE green already. It’s no problem to pull some chartreuse out the closet, or perhaps some emerald? There are so many pretty options. It’s really the same in my yarn stash, so many shades to choose from. My daughter is even a shade of green, Hunter green!


If you are looking for a quick little Irish knit check out this cute little Four Leaf Clover Brooch. Knit it up in any weight of yarn, the only requirement is green. The pattern can be found on Ravelry here and Urban Yarns if full of all different shades of green. If you are feeling a bit more greenly ambitious I recommend the Photosynthesis Shawl by Emily Wessel. I knit one up in purple but I’ve always felt it would be best knit in green, to play upon the leafy theme.


This week’s special is Sublime Soya Cotton DK, 40% off. It was $6.95 but is now $4.17. This is a cool yarn, perfect for knitting baby items in some pretty ice-creamy colours. It has great drape and is buttery soft so it’s also great for a spring or summer top as well.

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  1. Anina says:

    time to order some more tofino fern from the lovely Gourmet Crafter herself:)