• Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


Mmmm, nothing like strolling through the crisp March air with a warm cowl around the neck. The world just seems like a more pleasant place with a colourful hand knit item keeping out a frosty chill. I knit up a Marion cowl this past December with one skein of Twinkle and I was immediately hooked. It’s not only a super bulky yarn, it’s buttery soft with a single ply. This means it has almost no spin to it. When I popped by the shop last week I was immediately drawn to the most beautiful colour, a pretty Raspberry red. It’s not too pinky, it’s just perfect.


I didn’t pick up the skein right then and there though, I stewed about it for a week, then I was lucky enough to get a skein the next week. I’m not sure why I do that. I even kind of knew I would just obsess about the skein all week and there is always a pretty good chance yarn will not be there the next week if you do this. The universe will conspire against you, it’s happened to me more than once!

I wasn’t sure what pattern I would use, but I knew I had another Marion cowl as a back up plan. I found a pattern on Ravelry but it wasn’t quite perfect (wrong gauge, needle size, number of stitches cast on) so I worked out a version that’s perfect for one skein of Twinkle. You can download a free version of this pattern little-star-cowl. You will need:

1 skein Twinkle

12mm 16″ circular needle

1 stitch marker

a needle for weaving in those pesky ends


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